Here is an overview of the modern, varied fleet of vehicles we have ready to handle your transport requirements, expertly driven by our dedicated team of drivers, maintained by our in-house garage team, these colleagues are literally the driving force of our transport operations.

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Moffett trailer

A moffett trailer ensures we can load or unload at the customer when they have not got their own cargo handling facilities. Our fully trained driver can have the moffett prepared for use in a few minutes, offering a safe and convenient method of cargo handling in a wide variety of locations, from building sites to fields and everything in between.

Curtain sided trailer

Often referred to as a semi trailer, this is the most common trailer type you will find in any transport operation. Versatile for many applications, these trailers can be used to load or unload cargo through the sides or back doors and come with a loading area of 1360 x 245 x 270 cm and a maximum weight of 24,000 kg.

Sliding roof mega trailer

Similar to our curtain sided trailers, but bigger. These trailers come with a loading area of 1360 x 245 x 300 cm and a maximum weight of 24,000 kg and can be used to load or unload cargo through the sides or back doors as well as the roof, thanks to the sliding roof.

Temperature controlled trailer

Our state of the art, FRC certified temperature controlled trailers with twin evaporators are purpose built with our customers requirements in mind. Capable of carrying a variety of temperatures in the same vehicle thanks to internal sliding bulkheads, complimented with remote temperature monitoring and reporting functionality, these trailers are ideal for a range of applications in numerous sectors such as food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Double floor trailer

Our double floor trailers really are as versatile as any customer will need. Different to a traditional double floor trailer with a fixed floor, our double floor trailers are designed with flexibility in mind. With an aluminium floor, our driver can build the floor at varying heights throughout the trailer allowing you to utilise the entire space of the trailer.

Ramp trailer

These curtain sided mega trailers with the addition of a ramp ensure loading or unloading of plant and machinery can be done with ease. Equipped with an internal winch, these trailers are commonly used for transport of vehicles, fork lift trucks and tracked machines.


These vehicles, also commonly known as road trains are designed for high volume transport. Combining a 26 tonne rigid vehicle towing a trailer, these vehicles are capable of carrying up to 16 loading metres of cargo, up to 3 metres tall with a maximum weight of 20,000 kg.

LZV vehicle

These vehicles combine the truck of one of our combi vehicles together with one of our curtain sided trailers offering a huge loading capacity of over 21 loading metres. This is currently the largest combination vehicle allowed on roads in the BeNeLux countries and is designed primarily to reduce the number of vehicles used to transport this volume of cargo.

Rigid vehicle

When our articulated vehicles cannot reach a location, we have a fleet of smaller, rigid vehicles ready for despatch. These curtain sided vehicles are capable of carrying 20 euro pallets and equipped with a sliding roof and under run tail lift with pump truck allowing cargo handling through the sides, back doors or through the roof.