Frequently asked questions

It’s possible that you still have a question about a particular service we offer such as what is the maximum weight that Heebink can transport or what is the maximum length. On this page you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

What is the average transit time?

What is the maximum weight Heebink can carry?

What is the maximum number of pallets Heebink can carry?

What are the maximum dimensions that Heebink can carry?

How much free time is included in the quotation?

How do I calculate the loading metres?

How do I calculate the pallet spaces?



What are the size of euro pallets and standard pallets?

How can I best protect my goods from damage during transit?

How much space is 1m3?

What temperatures is your temperature controlled service capable of carrying?

Does Heebink work with a track and trace system?

What kind of machines can Heebink transport?

What is a wasted journey?