Distribution Holland

Are you looking for a trustworthy partner for distribution Holland? When it comes to logistics and distribution, J. Heebink Logistic Services is the company you’re looking for.

Family business since 1970
Own customs department
English speaking truck drivers
Multiple local branches

We distribute everything, from parcels to loads up to 160 m3. When it fits in a truck, we can ship it. We keep out appointments and deliver your goods when you want them where you want them.

Distribution Holland is what we do every day, just check the Dutch highway and you will definitely spot one of our orange trucks.

Transport, warehousing and distribution of your shipments is a delicate matter and you need assurances. J. Heebink Logistics Services provides these assurances.

You want your deliveries on time and the goods intact. We treat all shipments carefully and – if required – with the necessary precautions. When it comes to distribution Holland, J. Heebink is at your service.

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Our home
Holland is our home, we know it best and we know how to distribute your goods here. We also go abroad; distribution Holland is where it starts, but not where it ends. We distribute in Europe and the UK from our distribution centers in Veenendaal (NL), Manchester (UK) and Milton Keynes (UK).

Distribution Holland is where it starts, but not where it ends.

Your shipment
Don’t hesitate to contact us about distribution in Holland. We like to hear from you and make you an offer fit for your shipment.

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Distribition Holland, J. Heebink Logistic Services has the know-how and the facilities.