Transport to and from Poland

We recently expanded our services for our customers with transport to and from Poland, of course with our own orange trucks, but also with very reliable partners, of course the entire process under Heebink management. From single pallet shipments to full loads, we can take care of it for you with the same attention to detail that makes us one of the BeNeLux market leaders.

Family business since 1970
Own customs department
English speaking truck drivers
Multiple local branches

Safe transport for your valuable goods

We also offer a good solution for the transport of your valuable goods, we can use a hard sided vehicle, so that your goods are even better protected against burglary and theft. In addition, we can use an extra driver so that the cabin is “double-manned”, so that fewer stops and rest are required, and some destinations can then even be reached without the mandatory overnight rest.

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Transport Polen - Nederland


Total commitment to your shipments

We have the solution for every shipment. From a 12 metre long bundle of steel that has to be loaded and unloaded by crane, to machines or a pallet frozen goods. From a single pallet to full loads. We ensure that your product is delivered to your customer at the right time and in the right way.

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Daily departures

With daily groupage departures, you can be assured of quick transit times but when groupage is not quick enough, we are on standby for any express requirements so that your shipment is delivered to your customer in the fastest possible timescale.



The cost of transporting your goods and products with our specialist vehicles depends on the collection location and the address where you want it delivered. The required transit time also affects the cost price, just like the weight and dimensions. Curious about the rate for transport using our specialist vehicles? Why not send us a price request and we will reply with a no obligation, tailor made quotation.

Don’t take our word for it, what do our customers say?

We at RB Safety Solutions have been using the services of J. Heebink Logistic Services for more than three years. In these years of cooperation, we are very positive about their services. J. Heebink Logistic services can always be reached if there are questions, and the questions are also dealt with quickly and accurately. Flexibility is a big plus point at this organisation. They always find a suitable offer for the requested service. Even if problems arise during the process, they are picked up and resolved very quickly. We, RB Safety Solutions, send a load of materials to Poland every other week, and we have not yet experienced any transport damage in the years that we have been working together, or that transport cannot be arranged. We hope for many years of cooperation with the company Heebink.” Max de Vries, Work Planner at RB Safety Solutions

Requets quote for transport to or from Poland or contact us.