Warehousing & Storage

Warehouse space needed? The benefits accumulate at Heebink. In Veenendaal (NL), Manchester (GB) and Milton Keynes (GB), Heebink has excellently equipped storage and distribution centers.

Family business since 1970
Own customs department
English speaking truck drivers
Multiple local branches

Storage goods at J. Heebink

Heebink has several storage locations in the Netherlands and in the UK. With more than 24,000 m2 of storage capacity ready to support you, as an extension of your supply chain.

From all these locations we have the ability to take over all your Warehousing tasks.

Strategically positioned locations

It has never been more important to locate your inventory in the right location. With facilities in both the UK and Europe, we are uniquely positioned to provide the storage you need, in the country you need. With our strategically positioned locations, combined with our road freight services and in-house Customs team, we can act as an extension of your business, providing a comprehensive, cost effective solution to all your logistics requirements.

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All kinds of warehousing possible

Whether it’s storage, cross-docking, order picking or inventory management. Heebink Transport takes care of this all. Through our website you can follow your goods step by step.

Warehousing & Storage

Expanded track & trace

With a state of the art WMS system, we provide you with the capability to monitor in real-time, all aspects of your inventory held within our facilities. This is automatically updated when goods are booked into or removed from the site ensuring you remain in total control at all times. Linking seamlessly with our transport systems, you can track the shipment until they are delivered and also access the proof of delivery.

Customised storage and warehousing

Custom work is our only standard. Inventory management, inventory booking, order handling, cross-docking, packing, shipping, billing. Whatever you wish; The Heebink specialists will arrange this for your company.

Customer service HeebinkCustomer service Heebink

Examples of goods we store

  • Coffee / Catering goods
  • Steel (Bundles / Lengths / Plates)
  • Construction products
  • Cosmetics
  • Raw materials for example Food / Non Food Industry
  • CV Boilers / Heating Products
  • Household appliances
    And many more

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