LZV Vehicles

Within the Netherlands, Belgium and in the Ruhr area (Germany) we drive with eco combi vehicles, also known as LZV’s. These are our ‘long and heavy vehicles’ which utilise an articulated combination of a rigid vehicle pulling a trailer offering an enhanced cargo carrying capacity.

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Long and heavy vehicles

With these eco combi vehicles you can transport up to about 160m3 per transport, approximately 50% more than what you can carry in a regular trailer. The total number of pallets that you can transport per transport grows from 33 to 52 euro pallets which contributes to a better efficiency of the transport we offer whilst giving key consideration for our environmental impact, reducing the number of vehicles to transport this volume of cargo, aligning perfectly with our company strategy relating to sustainability.

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Technical specification

The LZV combination is made up of a rigid vehicle normally associated with a combi, itself with a load capacity of 8 LDM (800 x 250 x 300 cm) which is towing a trailer with a capacity of 13.6 LDM (1360 x 250 x 300 cm) giving you an overall capacity of 21.6 LDM.

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The cost of transporting your goods and products with an LZV vehicle depends on the collection location and the address where you want it delivered. The required transit time also affects the cost price, just like the weight and dimensions. Curious about the rate for transport using an LZV vehicle? Why not send us a price request and we will reply with a no obligation, tailor made quotation.