Moffett transport

Family business since 1970
Own customs department
English speaking truck drivers
Multiple local branches

With a fleet of moffett vehicles, we can arrange to load or offload your shipment ourselves! The moffett is a truck mounted fork lift truck capable of handling up to 2.5 tonnes without compromising the space within the trailer, thanks to its external fixing points on the rear of the trailer.



Compared to conventional industrial forklifts, truck mounted forklifts are lighter and more manoeuvrable. We can therefore use them in places where accessibility is a challenge, such as on construction sites. “Where the customer wants the goods, the moffett will take it!

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J. Heebink not only transports goods and products within the Netherlands with moffett vehicles. These trucks also drive daily to Belgium, Germany (Ruhr area), England, Ireland and Luxembourg. Below is an overview of various destinations and places.


The cost of transporting your goods and products with a moffett vehicle depends on the collection location and the address where you want it delivered. The required transit time also affects the cost price, just like the weight and dimensions. Curious about the rate for transport using a moffett vehicle? Why not send us a price request and we will reply with a no obligation, tailor made quotation.

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