Heebink's green route


In the transport sector, sustainability is a challenge. At first glance, the high energy consumption and emissions of transport equipment do not seem to go hand in hand with green choices. Yet there are certainly innovative opportunities to contribute to a better living environment. At Heebink, we are therefore wholeheartedly committed to a sustainable future, aiming for zero CO2 emissions. We would like to give some examples of our “green route”.

Innovation in Energy

Solar park Veenendaal

Our brand-new building in Veenendaal is fully equipped with solar panels. With this investment, we assure ourselves of green energy. As a result, our cross-dock operations, offices and warehouses have become carbon-neutral. This leads to a significant CO2 reduction of more than 85,000 kg annually.

A green fuel

HVO Renewable Diesel

With the introduction of 100% HVO Renewable Diesel, we are significantly reducing our CO2 emissions, with a 90% reduction compared to regular diesel. Until October 2023, in cooperation with a partner, we have already achieved more than 200,000 kg of CO2 reduction.

With a smart algorithm

Insight into CO2 emissions

Thanks to the implementation of a new algorithm, we can now accurately calculate CO2 emissions per shipment. This data, taken from our Transport Management System (TMS), allows us, based on; historical data, travel distance and the quantity of goods, to calculate expected emissions in advance. This provides us an insight into the total carbon footprint. In the next phase, we will include add emissions from shipping companies to and from the UK and the total CO2 emissions of each shipment will soon be shown on our transport invoices – clear and transparent!

Innovation & development

Towards a sustainable future

At Heebink, we want to get better at what we do every day. We continuously search for innovative methods to work even greener. Together, we ensure a better, greener future!

Want to contribute to our CO2 reduction?

Interested in a green transport solution? We offer the option of transporting your goods using HVO Renewable Diesel. We apply a surcharge for this service, which fully offsets the CO2 emissions of your transport.