Heebink Heroes

5 April 2023

On Saturday 1st April 2023, at our Veenendaal headquarters, our Heebink Heroes wall was unveiled. This great moment celebrated the achievements and dedication to a special group of Heebink employees who have been with our company for 12.5 years, 25 years or even 40 years, dedication we are keen to celebrate.


Heebink was founded in 1970 by Mr Jan Heebink. In all these years, together with his wife Annie and all employees, he has built Heebink into what we are today. Our values and standards have remained the same all along: respect, trust, a heart for the business and for each other. The heart of Heebink is formed by our people. They make the difference. On this wall of Heebink Heroes, we honour the colleagues who have been employed by us for a long time and/or enjoy a well-deserved retirement. We also remember with due respect those colleagues who have passed away. Together, long term or short term, we are Heebink. Everyone contributes to our success. On to many more years together!