Transport services

From our distribution centers in Veenendaal (NL), Manchester (GB) and Milton Keynes (GB), J. Heebink Logistic Services can offer transport services through the whole of Europe. An extensive and wide range of vehicles is combined with advanced logistic services. A total concept that guarantees suitable solutions.

J Heebink veenendaal
Family business since 1970
Own customs department
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Multiple local branches
Pallet transport

Heebink Logistic Services has more than 80 trucks on the road every day. This allows us to continuously control the transport with our own transport. Whether it is small pallet shipments or complete loads: we arrange the right pallet transport to meet all your needs.
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Temperature controlled transport

In one trailer refrigerated, frozen and dry! This efficient way of transport is for example used by Heebink to….
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Refrigerated transport

Looking for refrigerated transport? The transport of your chilled products is always perfectly arranged with Heebink. With our multi compartmental temprature contolled trailers, you can move chilled, frozen and ambient cargo all within the single trailer!
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Pipes and tubes transport

ransport and handling of oversized products requires a lot of dedication. Heebink has invested in special equipment that is fitted with curtains and sliding roofs, which enables us to handle any kind of cargo such as profiles, extrusion, pipe and tubes with lengths up to 13 meters.
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High volume transport

High volume transport is one of the specialties of J. Heebink Logistic Services. Air-suspension mega-trailers and Road trains offer between 100 to 160 m3 transport solutions for the most fragile cargo with most stable ride available.
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Trailers with double floors

Products that can’t be double stacked and still require a cost-effective mode of transport. This is possible with our mega trailers with double floors. The floor’s can be adjusted to the height…
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Warehousing & Storage

Warehouse space needed? The benefits accumulate at Heebink. In Veenendaal (NL), Manchester (GB) and Milton Keynes (GB), Heebink has excellently equipped storage and distribution centers.
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Special transport for special cargo

With J. Heebink Logistic Services almost anything is possible. Trailers equipped with a 10 tons tail lift and with, curtains and sliding roof are among the special equipment…
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Commodity Transport

J. Heebink transports all kinds of commodities, examples of which are steel, wood and aluminium. On this page an overview of all materials that we often transport.

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