Sliding roof mega trailer

Similar to our curtain sided trailers, but bigger.

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Sliding roof

These trailers come with a loading area of 1360 x 245 x 300 cm can be used to load or unload cargo through the sides or back doors as well as the roof, thanks to the sliding roof.

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Capacity 24 tons

With a maximum cargo weight of 24,000 kg these mega trailers ideally compliment a variety of our services, such as groupage services and the transport of long lengths.

Questions about our mega trailers

What is a mega trailer?

Our curtain sided mega trailers are like standard curtain sided trailers, but offer more space thanks to the extra height allowance, increasing the height from 270 cm to 300 cm.

How many pallets can a mega trailer hold?

Our mega trailers are capable of carrying 33 euro pallets or 26 standard pallets on the trailer floor.