Retirement of Aris van de Haar

18 April 2023

Last week our highly valued colleague Aris van de Haar retired. This marks the end of a special era. Aris has worked at Heebink for no less than 45 years. His high degree of cooperation and work commitment characterise these 45 years. A great loss for Heebink and our clients, but a well-deserved retirement for Aris!

In total, Aris has worked for more than 53 years. What a time! After his last trip to England, he was festively welcomed in Veenendaal by his family and Cees Heebink. In addition to the necessary tokens of appreciation and congratulations, a suitable gift could not be missed.

We wish Aris lots of happiness, fun and health for this whole new period! We are curious where the next ‘journey’ will take you!