Heebink on the road, striking and recognisable!

30 May 2023

After twenty years, it was time for a new, fresh look for our fleet. Of course in the recognisable colours, but with a new touch!


Anyone who can often be found on domestic or foreign roads will regularly encounter a Heebink driver. Always in the recognisable house style colours. The style of our fleet was now twenty years old. Time for a new, fresh look! The first vehicles with our new corporate identity are now on the road. Still in the familiar colours and with the well-known HIT logo, which stands for Heebink International Transport.

In the new style, Transport – Warehousing – Customs has also been added. This makes it clear at a glance what we stand for and what services we can offer.

If you encounter us anywhere in the world, we would always like to receive a photo of this at info@heebink.nl (of course only if the photo can be made traffic-safe 😃)