Weight, dimensions and maximum quantities

What is the maximum weight, dimensions, and quantities that J. Heebink can transport in the trucks? You will find all the answers on this page.

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How many pallets fit in combi vehicles?

In total, this vehicle offers space for approximately 38 euro pallets with a maximum height of up to 3 meters.

How many pallets fit in a standard curtain sided or hard sided trailer?

These trailers are 13.6 metres long and can hold up to 33 euro pallets with a maximum height of up to 3 metres.

How many pallets fit in an LZV combination vehicle?

The LZV combination is made up of a rigid vehicle normally associated with a combi, itself with a load capacity of 8 LDM (800 x 250 x 300 cm) which is towing a trailer with a capacity of 13.6 LDM (1360 x 250 x 300 cm) giving you an overall capacity of 21.6 LDM.

What is the maximum weight that Heebink can transport in one vehicle?

The maximum weight we transport in one vehicle is 24,000kg, subject to fluctuation depending on individual vehicle type.

What is the maximum length that fits in a trailer?

If you want to have length material transported, you should bear in mind that a trailer is a maximum of 13.6 meters long. On average, the maximum transport length that we can transport is approximately 13 metres.